Female bme castration

Chemical castration will have most of the same effects as castration and is sometimes used to dull the sexual drives of sex offenders. It involves taking certain
Comprehensive resource on piercing, tattoos, scarification, subincision, castration and all other forms of body modification.
Chemical Castration - BME Encyclopedia
While male nullification procedures such as castration and penectomy are relatively common on a sub-subcultural level, female nullification procedures are much more
Lady Testicle Castration

Chemical Castration – BME Encyclopedia

Consensual Female Circumcision | BME:.

About two years ago Lunette had her inner labia and most of her clitoral hood removed — you can continue reading for a closeup and of course the full pictures at

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Female "Castration" | BME: Tattoo,.

Castration by Burdizzo

Female bme castration

Female bme castration

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